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Services currently offered to Actors, and filmmakers alike.

Actor Services - 

Your Acting Reel

Having the best reel will get you in any door with Casting Directors.

If you look right for the part and your reel shows your actual performance quality, the rest is up to you at the audition.

Your Versatility

What better way to show how versatile you are than by actually demonstrating it on a Dead Ringer Movies Demo Reel.

We can edit you a demo reel from work you have already performed or conduct custom scene production or your own short movie with you as principle.

No Hodge Podge for you!



Have your reel edited to put you in the spotlight, remove distracting scenes and other actors that cramp your style!

The Monologue!



That's right! To be or Not to be! Get the job done in a monologue!

What's Missing?



Add a scene to what you already have. Show them the role you want next!

Expand your Horizons



You've been in a few shorts and you want to show the depth you have.

Lights, Camera, Action!



Jump start your career with a set of scenes that will highlight you!

Home Run!



With four scenes there is little doubt you can act. Bases are loaded and your at bat!




Some actors spend hundreds of dollars month after month, to train with people that tell them just what they want to hear... Ah hey I'll make you the lead role in your own short fillm for less! Share the cost with co-actors!

logo When only the best will do.

Services Overview Custom Reels and Movie Production

Producing, Directing, Screenwriting, Cinematography, Editing, Color Grading, Sound Design, Folley, ADR.

Demo Reels, Short Films, Feature Length Films, Commercial Video Advertising.

Contact US ...only if you are ready to go to the next level.