Films In Production


Production started 22 Feb 2018
Post-production underway
Release DUE: 2nd Quater 2021

Written and Directed by Mark Aylward.

A near death experience has a dedicated young astronaut questioning whether to follow her head or heart, once she is offered to go farther into space than any human in history.

Spørre Trailer Oct 2020

Produced Films

Une Dent Contre Toi

Accepted for NSI Online Short Film Festival 2017.
Accepted for Toronto Film Week Festival 2016.

After receiving his father's bequest, Luc is having difficulty 
with his roommates accepting a new knick knack in the living room.


Premiered 18th December 2014, 8 pm
Coop Katacombes, Montreal
Written and Directed by Shady Amhaz.

A zealous couple unleash anarchy when they kidnap a freelance
government computer guru to permanently blackout the North American
electrical grid..

Lonely Ninja - Tale of the Exiled

Directed by Ziyang Yip
Written by Mark Aylward.

An Ninja outcast from his secret society is battling more than his past in
Montreal city life.


Two about Town

Two Episodes released.
Written and Directed by Mark Aylward.

Two unlikely roommates are in search of different things but go about it in similar ways.
A short film comedy about a cross-dressing ladies man and his transvestite roomate.


Written Scripts


A short film awaiting development.
Written by Mark Aylward.

The travels of a man in his late sixties with Alzheimer disease.

Homeless Not Hopeless

A short film awaiting development.
Written by Mark Aylward.

A day in the life story about a decent, honest homeless man who decides to stealing $20 from a needy single mom, triggering a wave of good fortune.

PUNK NOIR (The Movie)

Feature length film. Seeks funding - Contact Executive Producer for details.
Written by Jonny Scribe.

Cameron squeegees car windows, Vanessa pulls a fast one and drags everyone into the path of a hell bent undercover cop out to get PUNKS.

Many more...

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